Windows and Door Installations

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Windows and door frames should be the part of your home or office building that draws attention and helps to make an impression on those who will see it. At Eagle Glass we provide a variety of neat, good looking, excellent quality windows and doors in Nelspruit. Our doors are made out of aluminium or wood and with our selection you will be able to find the window or door to suit your preferences and the style of the building. All of our products are quality approved and they are designed to be long lasting.

Aluminium Door and Window Frames

Aluminium Door and Window Frames

Aluminium windows and doors in White River and aluminium windows and doors in Barberton are ideal because they are low maintenance, durable, affordable, recyclable and they have a number of finishing options which will allow you to match the window and door frames to the colour of your home. By using aluminium products you will be reducing your carbon footprint and you will also be paying out much less than you would be if you were buying the same product but made from a different material. Folding doors are often made out of aluminium material which gives them a longer life span, while also requiring less maintenance. It is the incredible strength of this material which makes it a preference for many people.

Aluminium Door and Window Frames

Wooden Door and Window Frames

Wooden Door and Window Frames in Nelspruit and Wooden Door and Window Frames in Barberton are going to give any building or home a touch of class and style. Wooden products of this nature are great for regulating the temperatures by keeping the cold out to enable the room to remain warm. Wooden Door and Window Frames will not rust and they will require little maintenance as the wood is sealed and varnished to prevent water or other materials from seeping in. If you want to match the colour of the wood to the colour of the building, the wood can be easily varnished or painted. And because of its stylish look, the wood simply makes the home or building look better and it gives the structure a more finished off, complete look.

With our many years of experience we know what door and window frames will ideally suit your home or building. We are not only able to recommend the best option for you but we can also give you the best advice in terms of maintaining the product so that it lives up to its reputation of being highly durable. Our team of experts provide these door and window frames along with the glass already fitted for both household purposes and commercial purposes. With our mission statement in mind we provide our clients with services that are both convenient and well-priced. We aim to provide a good service to all sorts of clients, regardless of whether they are home owners building their own home or business owners constructing a new office building, our high quality services come standard with all of our products.